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Our clients include large institutions (Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations et Caisses d'Epargne) and multinational businesses of all sizes, as well as investors, individuals who are planning or rethinking trans-Atlantic endeavors, notarial firms with US estate issues, employees of international organizations, tourists injured in accidents or otherwise suffering loss while abroad, and many others. We have been successful in obtaining significant judgments / settlements for many clients.  What they have in common is a belief in an alternative legal option to Big Law with respect to personal contact, efficiency / speed of action, and overall cost. 

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Military Official
Metro Stop
  • Solved /facilitated urgent Trans-Atlantic legal questions, by litigation or negotiation, whether contractual or non-contractual, commercial or private. 

  • A significant amount of our work is obtaining remuneration for injuries suffered in accidents, such as a client who participated in a trial of a new medicine that had life-altering side effects.

  • We represent global businesses with IP/IT conflict, providing advice and potentially going to mediation, arbitration or a court of law.

  • Art buyers turn to us to assist with contract drafting and price negotiation.

  • We represent pension funds and financial institutions in France/ EU.

  • We regularly draft and review contracts in the fashion, construction,  technology and media industries.

  • We provide assistance in real estate projects, for individuals as well as businesses (we work with notaires in France to ensure prompt and thorough conclusion).

  • Serving as outside 'general counsel' for US businesses doing business or planning to do business in France.

  • Trans-Atlantic employment claims involving actionable discrimination.

  • We have represented American tourists injured while in France/ suffering Organized criminal theft rings targeting wealthy tourists.

  • Successful return of online payment to fake seller of vintage automobile via bank contacts in Eastern Europe.

"You all were amazing. A fearsome trio, you managed the discussion in 3 jurisdictions, with an ability to convey key arguments in a convincing and winning way. Thank you!" 

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